Five Reasons To Inspect A Home’s Attic Before Buying

Don't buy a house before checking the attic

Don’t buy a house before checking the attic

Real estate agents and home buyers, we know that you are probably very thorough when inspecting a home that you intend to bid on, but if you’re not checking the attic, then you might not be as thorough as you think.

A home’s attic contains clues to the house’s past. It can also hint at damage that might not be visible in other areas of the house. Below are five things you should inspect in the attic or instruct a home inspector to look for in a home you intend to buy.

Truss and Rafter Damage

Roof inspections could be included in the overall home inspection, but it might not turn up damage to structural pieces of the attic, like the trusses and rafters. When inspecting the attic, look for stress cracks in the truss and rafters, which could impair the integrity of the attic.

Fire Damage

If a home was ever on fire, you’re likely to see evidence in the attic. If the rafters are a color other than natural wood, that is a big red flag that there has been a fire. The most obvious evidence will be rafters that are black and sooty, but even painted rafters could be a clue that someone tried to cover up fire damage.

Water Damage

If the roof is leaking, the first place to feel the damage is likely the attic. When inspecting the attic, look for stains on the support structures or the walls of the attic. Also, look for condensation around pipes, which could cause wood rot. Your nose will also tell you if there is water damage somewhere in the attic.

Inadequate Insulation

Attics play an important role in insulating the home from the elements. If the insulation is inadequate this could mean you’re in for some discomfort when the temperature falls or jumps, or you’ll be paying extra on your heating and cooling bills. Ask your home inspector to rate the insulation and to confirm that the fiberglass batts are facing the right direction.

Rodent or Termite Damage

The attic is a popular hiding place for squirrels, raccoons, rodents and termites. Animal guests will likely announce themselves in the form of fecal droppings, which will look like dark pellets. Termites are harder to find, but if you notice a pile of gray or brown shiny wings, this is a strong indication that a termite colony is living in the attic. Critters and termites can cause significant damage and need to be taken care of before you or your client places a bid on the house. At Best Rate Repair, we can refer high quality extermination companies in San Diego and then quickly address any wood damage that the critters or termites caused in the attic. For more information, contact us at (619) 229-0116.


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