Thank You To Our Troops Every Day Of The Year

Take time to remember our heroes this Memorial Day.

Take time to remember our heroes this Memorial Day.

At Best-Rate Repair, we want to take this upcoming Memorial Day and every day to Thank everyone who has served in the Armed Forces. Your willingness to protect our country and fight for the freedom we all enjoy is something we do not take for granted.

Nor do we take for granted those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives when their country called upon them. From the beaches of Normandy, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the Middle East, our soldiers have given their lives so that ours might be better.

All of the endless blessings we enjoy, from free public education, to the right to vote, the freedom to speak out for our beliefs, and the ability to worship the God of our choosing are made possible by the men and women who are willing to fight and defend those freedoms.

I hope that you will take some time this Memorial Day weekend to Thank a service member for their contribution, attend a local parade, or stop by a cemetery to honor fallen soldiers. You can also just reflect on all those who have given blood in the name of our country. You may also consider donating to one of the many non-profit organizations that support veterans. (Memorial Day may be focused on remembering service members killed in action, but our living vets deserve our appreciation and support as well)!

Memorial Day isn’t just a three day weekend. It means something, and it is up to us to remember all those who have died for the great cause of our freedom.

Best-Rate Repair gives our deepest thanks to the many veterans in our country. Thank you.


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