Mom Deserves A Relaxing Day. Why Not Serve Her Brunch On Your Deck Or Patio?

Pull out all the stops for Mom this Mother's Day.

Pull out all the stops for Mom this Mother’s Day.

Think about everything you put your poor mother through while growing up. If it was even half as bad as all the shenanigans I pulled, then you have a lot to make up for! Mother’s Day (May 11th!)is your opportunity to show your mother how much you appreciated all her care, tenderness and occasional tough love.

Most Moms don’t want big, fancy celebrations. They probably don’t even care about expensive gifts (though you can never go wrong with jewelry and flowers!) What they really care about is spending time with their family.

This Mother’s Day there’s no need to hustle everybody into a packed restaurant for brunch. Why not invite your mom over to your home and serve her homemade brunch on your deck or patio? That’s why you have a deck or patio, after all, right? Get some use out of it.

Whip up an omelet, pour some mimosas, toast some croissants, and your mother will think that she’s in heaven. Invite your brothers and sisters over, and your mother will be exactly where she wants to be – surrounded by her family. You can’t really get a better Mother’s Day than that!

Don’t forget about your wife! If you have young ones in the house, then it’s up to you to make her Mother’s Day extra special. Again, flowers and jewelry aren’t a bad idea, but you can make this day extra special by letting your kids join in. Why not teach them how to make scrambled eggs or pancakes and then have them deliver it out on the deck or patio for your wife? Together, you can all enjoy the bright morning sunshine and the chirping birds.

Your wife will probably be relieved that you didn’t have to pile everybody into a car and wait a half hour to be seated at a crowded restaurant. No, your deck is the perfect place for your mother or your beautiful wife on Mother’s Day.

You just need to make sure your deck or patio is ready. Give it a good cleaning to get off any dirt or debris. If you have a wooden deck, then you might want to consider giving it a new stain to help the color of the wood really pop. Also, double check for any damage, from termites to wood rot, to make sure it’s safe for your family.

If your deck or patio has seen better days, then it might be time to call a San Diego wood repair expert to give you a quote for a new deck or patio. Then, next year will be the year to celebrate Mother’s Day on your big, beautiful and newly remodeled deck or patio.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to celebrate the woman who gave so much to you.


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