How Long Does It Take To Build A Deck or Patio?

Exactly two weeks and four days.

Just kidding. You didn’t think the answer was going to be that simple did you?

The time it takes a professional wood repair and building company like Best Rate Repair to build a deck or patio for a client varies depending of a variety of factors including:

Decision Process

The clock starts ticking the moment you decide that you want to hire a company to build your deck or patio. We recommend that you take plenty of time researching local companies, looking for customer reviews and third party ratings (Check out some of our customer testimonials and a list of rating sites). Then you’ll want to call each company and schedule an initial consultation. After the initial consultation, you can ask your top picks for a price quote and then use all the information you’ve gathered to make a decision.

The amount of time the research and decision process takes depends on how many companies you reach out to, how quickly you schedule the initial consultation and how long it takes you to review the quotes and come to a decision.


Builder’s Schedule

When you choose your deck or patio building vendor, they’ll need to schedule your build. Some companies may have other projects that they are currently working on or that are scheduled over the next few weeks. During the real estate boom a couple years ago, builders could be booked for months. Today, the story is a little different. A builder might be able to start on your project right away, or you may have to wait a few days for their schedule to free up.



The materials you choose for your deck or patio project may also affect the timing. If you want a unique or rare type of wood, this may require some extra time (not to mention cost) to purchase and ship to your site. More common building woods or composite decking can usually be shipped rather swiftly to your site.


Deck/Patio Design

Before your deck or patio can be built, it must first be designed. Many builders, including Best Rate Repair, also provide deck and patio design services. Our expert designers will work with you to determine your needs (ex. Do you want to host large parties on your patio?  Do you want a multi-level deck?). The more complicated or larger your deck or patio, the more materials it’s going to require and the longer it’s going to take to build.



Decks and patios are obviously built outdoors, which means that the materials and craftsmen are at the mercy of the weather. If conditions become too harsh or unsafe, building might be slowed or even suspended for some time.

Luckily, bad weather conditions are rare in Southern California, but we do get heavy winds and rain out here, which can negatively impact a building schedule.

Build Site

Every location has its own character and its own building challenges. If the land is not level, this will require more care and time setting the posts for the deck. If the soil is not deep and sturdy, the builder will be required to reinforce the posts so that the deck doesn’t become unstable. Rocky soil, large trees in the way or existing landscaping will also slow down deck or patio projects.

These are just a few the main factors that affect the timing of a deck or patio building project. There are plenty more (like requesting and receiving the necessary building permits). What this long blog post is trying to say is that every deck or patio building project is different and so is every timeline. A good rule of thumb however, assuming no large issues or extensive delays, is one to three weeks after the builder gets started on the project.


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