Best Rate Repair Goes The Extra Mile

BRR-YouTubeA lot of remodeling and wood repair companies proclaim day and night how they offer superior customer service and will go the extra mile for their customers. How many of these companies actually do so or can prove the promises that they make in their brochures and on their websites?

At Best Rate Repair, we mean it when we say that we go the extra mile for our customers. Here’s a little story that was given to me by my crew to illustrate this point.

“As part of a larger project, we were contracted to do a “Dutch Cut” on a large beam over 25’ long. The beam was exposed in the garage. One side was secured and framed into the wall/pocket and ran across the length of the garage to cantilever to the outside. As we started to lay out the Dutch Cut, we found that damage was farther into the beam than could be seen, and the Dutch Cut would be inside the wall without proper framing and support. So, without bothering the homeowners, a new full length beam was ordered.

We continued on with other repairs while it was ready, and for the same cost to the owner, we were able to remove the old beam by removing all roofing nails (Roofer had stripped the roof for re-roofing). We cut out the old beam and slid the new full length beam through the exposed hole. By adding a few pieces of siding, you could never tell there was any damage, let alone a major beam replacement had been done.”

Best-Rate Repair’s crew performed this part of the project in the same time the Dutch was to be completed. The bottom line is that the crew made the call to do the work above and beyond what the homeowner had contracted for, put in the extra effort to stay within budget, and saved the homeowner any extra costs.

I am so proud of my wood repair team for all the great work that they do for our clients. So, if your home needs some wood repair or stucco repair, or you would like a new deck or patio, please consider Best Rate Repair. We are local to San Diego, honest, and truly committed to giving you a great result for a great price.

For all your wood repair needs in San Diego, call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116 or contact us online.


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