Best Rate Repair Testimonial

At Best Rate Repair, we always say that great customer service is one of our top priorities, but we don’t just walk the walk. Below is a testimonial provided by our recent client Ken. When Ken moved into his house in Fallbrook, he noticed some damage and decay in the wooden structures of his home.

Our crew of wood repair specialists came in and made repairs to the trim of his windows, door jambs, drywall in the bathroom, handrails, and more. In his testimonial, Ken also tells the story of how the Best Rate Repair crew went above and beyond to make sure his home was safe for himself and his family.

Ready to call a professional, respectful and well-trained team of wood repair specialists to fix any old or damaged wooden structures in your home? Call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website.


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