What Happens When The Dream Home You Want To Buy Has Termites?

Even if your dream home fails a termite inspection, it may still be worth buying.

Now that the real estate market is picking up in San Diego, you may decide it’s time to upgrade while prices are still low. But what happens if you find your dream home and it fails its termite inspection? Do you walk away from the deal and start your house hunting all over again?

Not necessarily. Termites might not mean your dream home is irreparably damaged.

Study The Termite Report

It’s actually not that unusual for a termite inspection to discover termites on a property. Just because termites are present doesn’t mean that they’ve inflicted severe damage or that the house is unsound or unsafe. A lot depends on where the termites were found and whether or not they were discovered early enough.

To understand what’s going on with your particular dream home, you’ll need to study the termite report or question the termite inspector.

Location, Location, Location

The amount of damage a termite infestation causes depends on the size of the colony, how long they’ve been at the buffet and where they’ve settled. In many cases, termites are discovered in an attic or the crawl space access door where they likely haven’t caused significant harm to the home (though they do need to be treated and removed).

Be wary if termites were discovered in a structural part of the home, such as the floor joists, sill, band or support girder. In these areas, they could cause significant damage that could make the house unsafe.

Catch Them Early

Even if termites are discovered in structural areas of the home, if the infestation is caught early it may be able to be eradicated before the interlopers have time to cause a lot of damage. However, If the infestation is not caught early, you may want to look for other properties that will not require significant repair.

Have A Wood Repair Assessment

Regardless of where termites are discovered or how much damage the termite inspector perceives, we strongly recommend having a wood repair expert come in to assess the structural integrity of the home you plan to buy if termites are found. If you plan on placing a bid, you’ll want a trained eye to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting for your money and if there are any safety issues that you should be aware of.

With the wood repair expert’s assessment in hand, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to bid on the home.

So, a failed termite inspection doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream home. In fact, if the damage isn’t too severe, you might even be able to get a great deal on it!

At Best Rate Repair, we’d be happy to send one of our trained and knowledgeable wood repair experts out to provide a wood damage assessment at no cost. Give us a call at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website.


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