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Old Roof

Don’t Let a Contractor Re-Roof Without a Termite Inspection First

No roof lasts forever. If you’ve started to experience leaks, noticed weak shingles or tiles, or need to strengthen your roof for solar panel placement, it might be time to call a contractor. You have two options. The contractor can either re-roof over your existing roof, or tear everything down and put an entirely new […]

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Can Termite Infestations Affect a Home’s Resale Value?

It’s bad enough if you discover a termite infestation in your home and have to call in a pest control company to eradicate those nasty houseguests. However, termite infestations can also have a long-term effect on your home’s resale value, especially if you’ve had more than one infestation.  Let’s cover a few points for the […]

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You Don’t Need Santa To Give You A Termite-Free Holiday

If you hear creaking and groaning in the ceiling this Christmas Eve, it could be Santa landing on the roof…or it could be your wooden structures groaning due to termite damage. Did I just dim your holiday cheer a little? Apologies, but termites don’t take a winter holiday even if you do. They also have […]

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What Home Buyers Need To Know About Termite Inspections

  Imagine this nightmare scenario: you find the house of your dreams that’s right in your budget. You are careful on your walkthrough of the property to look out for any damage. When you’re ready, you place a bid and the seller accepts. Contracts are signed and they keys are exchanged. You have a wonderful […]

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What Happens When The Dream Home You Want To Buy Has Termites?

Now that the real estate market is picking up in San Diego, you may decide it’s time to upgrade while prices are still low. But what happens if you find your dream home and it fails its termite inspection? Do you walk away from the deal and start your house hunting all over again? Not […]

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Q& A: Termite Inspection Before or After Escrow?

Q: When purchasing a home, is it better to have the termite inspection performed before or after entering escrow? A: This is a question we get a lot in the wood repair business. Homeowners are understandably nervous about agreeing to purchase a home only to get back a termite inspection report that shows massive termite […]

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Are Termite Warranties Worth The Price?

So, you’ve got a termite infestation. Ouch. You have my sympathies. As someone who spent many years as a termite inspector, I know first-hand how damaging those little pests can be and how inconvenient it is to have your house tented and gassed. After getting termites once, your termite exterminator may try to sell you […]

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