Green Deck for St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patty's DayThis Monday, March 17th, we all get to be Irish for a day and celebrate with Irish beers and maybe even a few kisses from the right person! It’s all about the green on Monday, so you’d better be wearing something green if you want avoid pinches.

All the anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day and its trademark color got me thinking about the growing availability of composite decking materials in different colors. Even just ten years ago, the composite deck colors you could choose from were extremely limited. Most were various shades of the most common deck building woods. Today, many manufacturers are offering decking in a variety of colors, though most are still earth tones.

Companies like AZEK, TimberTech, Trex and Tamako have been branching out into many different colors, from pale sand to rich walnut.  I haven’t seen any green decking materials yet, but perhaps in a few years we’ll see something along those lines.

Customers who want to build with real wood also have a lot of options through the use of staining. Even if we build with a pale wood, like ash, we can still add rich cherry or mahogany hues by picking out just the right staining materials.

All of these colors choices give customers more power to create the deck or patio they want and to better harmonize their home’s exterior style. When considering a new deck or patio for your home, allow yourself to imagine how different colors might look in relation to your home. Don’t forget to also envision the colors of the rails and rail tops. If you need help visualizing, Trex offers an “Envision Your Deck” capability on its website. You can access the application on a desktop computer or iPad.

If you need help choosing a color or just learning about all the deck colors available, then contact us at Best-Rate Repair. Our helpful deck construction experts can help you plan the perfect deck for your San Diego Home.


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